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How to make A site easily with your mobile?

Requirements :-
For site development through your mobile
following item are require.

- A android mobile.

and following applications .

- AppuZiper and AppuCoder .
if you don't have than at first download it from below link.-

AppuCoder doesn't support Downloading. please use a browser to download apps and files from this site. goto http://appuraja.mobie.in/programing
and download the item.

1. AppuZiper
2. AppuCoder
After downloading above two apps.

now come to the next step

Download this example code. click here
after downloading above example code.

open AppuZiper apps and unzip the file .

- now open the index.html file with AppuCoder .
and edit the code .
you can Edit name of site and link and more as you like.

- you can also edit .css file to decorate your site.

- you can preview index.html with HTML Viewer of your mobile.

after your edit

- open the AppuZiper and Compress the folder into zip.

come to next step
Register a site or buy a hosting.

you can buy it on www.godaddy.com

or use below link for free hosting.

Click here for free Register
after Registration upload the moded example code to the registered hosting directly or by a ftp account.
it is very easy.
- you can also add domains to the site.

and more info mail me I will add more tutorial.

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